Multi National Corporation (MNC) is a group of companies which have a home base or head-quarters in one country but have markets and manufacturing units worldwide. Multi-National Corporations are considered to a blessing to developing countries since they increase the economic growth in the country. They also bring a wide range of job opportunities to the citizens of the host country. Though Multi National Corporation has lots of companies and branches around the world, they will have a main head office in their home country. Mostly, they will have a CEO and a clan of board members in which both parties holds some stakes.

Nowadays, in this fast running world, people do not have time to cook healthy food or sit and dine in peace. Therefore, it is obvious that fast food outlets like McDonalds, KFC and Dominos are the chief fast food MNC’s who compete with each other. Then, there are many beverage selling companies like Coco~cola company, Nestle whose products we use on a daily basis. There are shopping malls or marts like Reliance, Wal-Mart, Food city, etc. Apart from the companies which produce food, there are worldwide dressing brands like Guess, Gucci, and D&G who have branches all over the world. People make money out of everything we use, ate, wear and live in. It is always said that girls invest more in make-up and dressing whereas guys are crazed about automobiles and motor bikes. There are so many famous automobiles multi-national companies like Audi, BMW, Ford, etc.

Other Multi-national Corporation

Apart from food items and day to day products, there are several other MNC’s which invest in different types of products like house-holds, internet websites, study materials, etc. Some of the multi-national companies like Ford motor company, Anglo- Dutch oil company shell have been established for several hundred years and derive their name for been on market for so long. There are other companies like eBay, Google, online businesses which derives its popularity from people’s choice in recent years. Other famous type of famous Multinational Corporation is electric and electronic goods. Cell phone companies like iPhone, Samsung, MicroVAX, Microsoft turn over millions in the electronic goods. You find some peculiar signs like internet like Lincoln welders for sale, wire delivery products at half price and many more. These MNC’s wherein most of the products are cheaper if you order them online at the companies’ official website.

Evaluating what the Multi-national Corporation’s offer to the host country

Multi-national companies can be a boon to your country. They will bring in new products, more job opportunities and technologies from their country to the host country. It would also increase the host countries economic growth since the presence of MNC will increase foreign exchange and the taxes which the foreign company will pay to the government. MNC can also help to boost the growth rate of developing countries. It also gives ways to perfect competition in the host country thus helping the citizens.

But, MNC’s destroy the small street vendor’s business. They eat up the countries’ native products. They are criticized for their exploitation of natural resources and human resources. They cause additional damage to the environment and pollution. If your country is prone to be corrupted, these MNC’ will get involved in illegal business and just bribe the authorities.